10 Minutes a Day to Keep The Years Away

Hazel Keller Cosmetics we offer a complete skin-care and makeup line based on the use of vitamins, herbs, and other beneficial ingredients. Taking care of people since 1964.

Conscious Beauty that Works/Is effective

  • 60 Years of formulating high quality cosmetics

  • Minimal Ingredients

  • Small Batch to ensure effectiveness of the products

  • Cruelty Free

  • Hot Process Production, No GMO's

  • Environmentally conscious including using recycled packaging. Do not box products.

Fair Price, Every Day, For All

Highest quality products at reasonable prices.

Our founder, Hazel Keller was a widow raising a son in the great depression. Even after she became wealthy selling Stanley Products and marrying an executive from Warner Brothers, she remembered her days of struggling.

The Keller/Redmond family founded this company so EVERYONE could have access to the best products and ingredients that were effective in taking care of your skin and

Teaching/Helping Other/Business Opportunity

Doing good, having fun and earning money.

Our founder needed to earn income to support her son.

  • Fun way to socialize, earn money. People love you helping them get the best products for them.
  • Low minimum order size of only $45 wholesale.
  • Only need to order $250 wholesale per year to stay active and get the consultnat discount.
  • 60 year proven track record of Consultants having a successful business.
  • Even if you don't want to have a big business. Still a smart financial decision to save money and get discounts on products you and your family use.

Buzz about us

"This store is great" - Pablo