We all need help at some point in our lives.  Our goal is to determine where we can help others best.   Some of our charitiable giving includes:  


Letters Connecting the Homeless. Years ago, Amy went to a homeless shelter to help prepare a meal for the people there. As she was going to her car, a girl who looked about 18 years old and scared asked if she had a stamp.  She wanted to write home to see if they would let her come back.  In that momemnt, looking into her eyes, an idea was born to deliver stamps and writing materials to homeless shelters so the people there could write to someone they knew and possibly be reunited.   

Substansance abuses.  Some treatment centers reward those who have met goals with access to makeup.  We donate products to help make that happen.

Day of caring for nursing home residents.  We go into nursing homes and givce a facial and make up residents and leave free products for them. 

 Scholarships.  We provicde a smnall scholarship of varying anmounts each year to family members of Consultants.  Schlarships are based on community service and futyure plans to better the world.  That can be children, parents, cousins, grandchildren.  Awards are determined March 1 of each year.