Do I need to buy the whole skin care set?  Although purchasing the entire set is not a "requirement" your skin will benefit from using the entire set. You can opt to purchase one item or the the complete skin care system. Each product is carefully formulated to work in unison for the optimal results. Remember the base for any effective skincare routine is Cleanse, Tone, & Moisturize.

How often should I use the mask?  Once a week for a 20 minute application. Use prior to taking a "nap" or while reading a good book!  

Should I moisturize my neck? Absolutely! Your neck is an area that often gets neglected, moisturize the neck area twice a day to prevent aging and dryness.  

Do I use moisturizer every day?  Yes! Daily moisturizing is vital for your skins health.  Your skin requires the nourishment a quality moisturizer can provide to keep skin looking and feeling young! 

 When should I apply moisturizer?  Apply moisturizer to skin every AM/PM after cleansing/toning/shaving/shower.  

Why do you sell a night and a day moisturizer?  We believe in providing maximum benefits for the best skin possible, therefore we offer both day and night moisturizers.  Day moisturizers will provide much needed protection from the environment/elements.  A night time cream will focus more on rehydration and de-aging your skin. 

At what age do I start anti-aging products?  Contrary to popular belief you should begin to incorporate anti-aging products to your skincare regimen in your 20's. Prevention is the best weapon against premature lines, wrinkles, and dark spots.

Is it ok to sleep with my makeup on?  Going to bed with makeup on is not recommended.  This practice is known to be the culprit of premature aging because your skin does not breathe and repair itself properly.  Moreover, it can clog pores which for many can lead to problems with acne.