I/a family member was a Consultant  before? How do I start again?

How do I earn money?

Do I need to buy inventory?  Absolutely not.  

 What is direct selling? 

How are we different from other companies? 

Do I need to sign up under an existing consultant?  If you have one please sign up wtih them.  If you don't we will match you wtih a group. If you have been in active for over 1 year you can rejoing and sign up under someone else. 

How do I stay active?  We are one of the most transparent and easist direct sales companies to understand your benefits and requirements. Just as if you were 

I only sold a small amount.  What is the miniimum order rom the company?  You can buy as little as one item at a time and still get your disocunt.  If an order size is under $45 wholesale there is a a$5 surcharge.

How much is shipping?  Depending on your location and the size of your order, shipping chareges range from $8.50 to $19 per box.  Most shiping chareges are int eh $9 range.

How do I learn?  When you sign up your get a traiing guide.  Web based training and we are always here for you.